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Here is an amazing French scroll from the 1930s; most likely modelled on a golden-period Nicolò Amati scroll like the 1649 “Alard”.

BeFunky-collage (20)

Perhaps not comparable in quality to the “Alard” scroll, this piece of work merits perfection in its own right – it has been perfectly preserved for nearly 100 years, the golden-orange varnish is just superb and looks exactly how it would have left the workshop upon finishing. The workmanship regarding the carving and the chamfers is highly clean and precise.

For Violin-making students seeking to find inspiration for straight-varnished instruments I highly recommend following this scroll and the work of 19th-early 20th century French makers such as Blanchard, Dieudonne, L.Bernardel and Mougenot.

Stradivari’s general output of scroll volutes are often based on geometric proportion (for example the Golden/Fibonnaci spiral) and their shapes are considered to be perfect for this reason, however Amatese scrolls of this kind, differ slightly as they are more frontal and elliptical implying they are less geometrically proportionate?

Some people like to associate geometric proportion with perfection however I would like to think that scrolls like the one presented refute this.


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